The Highest Converting VSL Formula For Coaches and Consultants


Alright. So how to write a VSL for your coaching, consulting or any type of business ?

That’s what this post is all about.

I’ll reveal the exact framework I’ve been using for quite some time now. In fact, I use it to for ads too.

But before I start, I just want to say that I didn’t actually come up with this framework, I literally took it from a guy called Frank Kern.

A few years ago I purchased a product from him. It was in my early days so I didn’t know anything about copy or any of that stuff. One day I was thinking about what has worked on me and remembered this VSL.

Wanted to use it so I searched the web for it but couldn’t find it. Eventually I found something similar and modelled it. Then I improved it.

This is what you’re getting.

So let’s start.

I call it The Bribing VSL.

Part #1 Intro/Open

So we start the VSL with an intro.

This is probably the most important part of the video sales letter. The reason why is because it’s what everybody will see.

Large percentage of the people are not going to watch the entire video sales letter that’s guaranteed. However, everybody that lands on this page with this video sales letter will start to watch it. Or at least most people.

Which means…

The intro is the most important part of the VSL !

I’m going to give you a few different intro variations. I’ve tried them all and I’ll start with my favourite.

Intro #1 Big Benefit Driven Promise

This is by far my most favourite. The one that I use.  You can see it in action at :

You basically start with a very BOLD promise on something they will get out of watching the video. 

In my case the video starts :

“TODAY I’m giving you $3997 worth of marketing campaigns for free”…

This will keep them watching because of the high figure amount. Who doesn’t want something that’s worth $3997 for free right ?

Cool. That’s quite simple.

You can also start with a …

Intro #2 Story

For example : 

” It was 1976, one cold December, in the middle of the night, I woke up, and I looked through the window or my London apartment. I realised that it’s this time of the night…” something like that. Ok, this one is pretty lame but I can’t come up with nothing better right now. But you know what I mean right ?

Next is…

Intro #3 Question

This one has worked very well for me in the past. You can use it in an ad as well of course (you can use all of them in fact). 

Here’s an example :

” If you could 10X your business without spending more time and money on marketing and sales would you still be doing what you are doing now ” ?

Quite nice right ?

Intro #4 Pattern Interrupt (Weird Stuff)

This is when your holding something in your hand or showing something interesting or weird. Brilliant for video ads on social. It’s basically connecting something that has nothing to do with you or your business to your business. 

One of the best openings for video ads and any VSL. 

Not easy to execute if the VSL in not talking heads but just text. If that is the case you can use a graphic or anything that will make them curious. Curiosity is the key here.


As I already mentioned. The intro is the most important part of the VSL so make sure you do the best you can. Test all these different openings if you can and it makes sense to do so. 

If you mess this part up people won’t stay for long and will never watch the entire VSL or see the actual offer.

Even if they are the right people. A lot of people get confused when something is not working. It might be the ads but it also might be the VSL. Check your analytics to find out the truth. If you can’t….maybe wanna talk ? 🙂



Part #2 Opening A Loop

This here is absolutely crucial. We’ve got their attention in the intro but now we must keep them watching. 

Why do we want them to watch the VSL ?

Well, the more they watch – the more qualified they are.

You see, if you are using this VSL to generate leads, you most likely don’t want anyone to be able to schedule a call with you. 

You don’t want to waste your time with people that have no idea what they sign up for right ?

Exactly !

So we want them to consume the information in the VSL. 


If you use this for ads on social…it’s different.

The only thing we care about is the click (if a direct response ads of course).

Or if you are selling a physical or digital product, something low ticket, then consuming the entire VSL is not that important.

You get it ?


So how do you keep them watching ?

By opening a loop.

Ok great ! But HOW !?!


You need to answer 3 questions.




Here’s how you do it.

” Today I’m giving you $9999 Worth Of X. I’m going to tell you exactly what you are getting and how you’re going to get it but first…Here’s WHY you want it.”

Then you start talking about their problems. The reason WHY they want it is because they have these specific problems. That “I’ll tell you exactly what you’re getting and how you’re getting is in a minute” is the open loop.

Now they need to watch so they can get what they want. 

Makes sense ?

Not sure ?

Ok, that’s fine. I’ll give you examples for every intro I mentioned above.

The example above is for my big benefit driven intro.

Here’s one if you start with story intro.

” In the summer of 2012 I was sitting half naked in my London apartment. It was one of them weirdly cold nights and when I was just about to go to bed the phone rang. I answered as usual and heard a strange voice. I will never forget the words this man said to me because the information I received was both of critical importance and at the same time ONE of the biggest LIES I’ve encountered in my professional career. 

What he said helped me grow my business to $10 mil a year in less than a year. I’ll tell you exactly WHAT he said and HOW it will be useful to you but before that here’s WHY it matters to you. “

I just came up with this on fly. Sorry if its crap. But you get the point right ?

Here’s what you do if you start with a question :

” Can you guess the reason WHY some coaches and consultants have what seems like unlimited amount of clients on demand while others are struggling to pay their Clickfunnels monthly subscription ? 

And if you guessed its because of X – you would be wrong.

And if you guessed its because of Y – you would be wrong again.

I’ll teak you exactly WHAT this reason is and HOW you can avoid this happening to you but first here’s WHY it’s happening.”

This is painful to write honestly. 

I’m actually recording the audio of the videos but because of my horrible Eastern European accent the text is not very accurate and I’m literally rewriting this entire thing for you.


Last is pattern interrupt. Very simple.

” Hey do you know what this pencil here has to do with you lacking clients ? Do you believe that this pencil MAY be the key to you getting more clients ? It certainly helped me and 123 other coaches. I’m gonna tell you exactly WHAT this pencil has to do with coaching and HOW you can benefit from it but first…here’s WHY it matters to you.”

That’s complete nonsense but I hope you get it.


It works very well.

Try it next time.

Now let’s dive a little deeper. 


The WHY is their problems. 

Opening A Loop Part #1 WHY

Now let’s dive a little deeper. 


The WHY is their problems.

You simply talk about 1-3 problems that they are currently experiencing.

” Look, coaching and consulting has changed. A Lot. For the worse. And the reason for that is…

Problem number 1. 

But do you know what’s even worse than that ?

Problem number 2.

But if there is one thing that is way more concerning than problem 1 and problem 2…

Its problem number 3.”

This is what the WHY is.

Next is…


We are now out of the Open loop. 

We supposedly have their attention and they kinda know that you understand them.

Now we start talking about the actual thing they are getting.

When you finish with the WHY you transition to the WHAT by saying something like :

” And this is WHY I want you to have my product name X.”

Inside you will find :

Bullet 1 (So you can Benefit 1)

Bullet 2 (So you can Benefit 2)

Bullet 3 (So you can Benefit 3)

Bullet 4 (So you can Benefit 4)

Bullet 5 (So you can Benefit 5)

But you know what…

When I was creating this thing for you I realised that this…

Is simply not enough.

So I’ve decided to throw my product name Y in there as well.

Here’s what’s inside :

Bullet 1 (So you can Benefit 1)

Bullet 2 (So you can Benefit 2)

Bullet 3 (So you can Benefit 3)

Bullet 4 (So you can Benefit 4)

Bullet 5 (So you can Benefit 5)

So you’re not only getting product name X and product name Y...

But you know what…

Theres even more !!!

I also want yo to have product name Z as well. 

Product name Z is what you need when its time to…

It contains :

Bullet 1

Bullet 2

Bullet 3

Bullet 4

Bullet 5″

Just to clarify what we are actually doing here.

You are selling these products from the inside by explaining what they are getting in the form of bullet points. I use this formula to generate leads for high ticket service providers but it can also be used if you sell stuff.

You literally shower them with value just so they take the action you want them to.

You give them the main thing but also add bonuses.

All the stuff that they are getting must be interconnected somehow. ONLY when they get all the stuff they complete the entire thing.

In my case…

They get a campaign (funnel). Its a funnel template frankly. Not a big deal right ?

But what does make a funnel convert ?

The copy. So I give them the entire copy for the campaign that I use so they can model it for themselves.

It helps them because its more than 17 000 words and its much easier to model than to create.

Ok great but what else. 

Now they have a campaign with all the automations and everything, they have the copy but what happens after that ?

If they start generating leads they will need to close them.

So I give the sales script as well. 

They literally get everything that they need to start getting more clients…

Except one thing !

And This one thing is the traffic.

And that is the service that I sell.

Makes sense ?


This is important !!!!

If you are selling something and not doing lead gen like me there is a small difference.

You start by selling the bonuses, same thing, you sell what’s inside.

And then you say something like…

“And you can have all of that only if and only if…

You BUY product X “

Next is…


This is very straightforward. Come on, you know what to do here. 

You simply tell them what to do.


“Click that link down below and buy product X”

That’s about it.

I have no idea what else to say except that once you give them the CTA you can continue to the next step. You can keep giving them CTA during the rest of the VSL when it make sense to do so.

Don’t give them CTA just once.

And last is…

Addressing their concerns

This is the place to reassure them that everything is going to be alright. 

You offer your guarantees, policies or whatever just to make them feel more secure.

Try to address as many of their concerns as you can. 

Think about what is happening in their heads right now. 

In my case, I know that people are concerned that this call is going to be high pressure sales call.


I tell them that its not. 

That kind of stuff.

I also say :

” Look at it that way. You’re an entrepreneur and I’m an entrepreneur. You’ve got something going on there and I’ve got something going well here. It may be very beneficial for both of us to have a quick chat over the phone.”

In other words : Hey its not a big deal. Lets talk.

Then I give another HOW/CTA.

You address a concern and then give a CTA.

You can keep doing that for as long as you want or depending from how many concerns they’ve got.

And that’s it !!!

Nice and simple right ?

Now go ahead and write 2-3 of these. Just to get used to it.

Remembering a framework like this has been of the most beneficial things I have done…EVER!

It will allow you to come up with ads or offers on the fly.

Which is very useful.

But what do you think ?

Let me know down below.

Thank you for reading.

Cheers !

About the author 

Nikolay Valkov

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