6 Little Known Offer Types To Sell Coaching or Consulting Services


In this article you will discover 6 different types of offers to sell your coaching, consulting or agency services.

You can actually sell anything following this short guide. High ticket - low ticket, SAAS it doesn't matter.

Of course, you should use your common sense and find out which one works for what you've got.


Let's start with offer number 1. 

Direct To Sale

This is the most straightforward thing ever. Here's how it work :

"Hey I've got this cool thing here and you can have it if you pay me that much"...

Something like that. Very simple. It's a simple exchange basically.

Ok great. Next is...

Direct To Sale + Incentive

Same as above. Direct to sale but there is an incentive. This can be used in your copy or over the phone.

For example : "If you call in the next 15 minutes you're going to get NOT 1, NOT 2 but 3".

You remember that from the old school commercials right ? If you use it over the phone it can be a discount of the price if you decide to become a client right now.

That kind of stuff.

Seems to work quite well. 

Alright these were quite boring I know. Nothing new here so far. Next is...

Risk Elimination

Now, offer type number three is called risk elimination. And this can be used if you're selling a service, or if you're selling anything, really, we're personally using it for selling a service, it can be used for selling whatever. 

It's something like : "Give me this, and I'll give you that and if it doesn't work, or if you're not happy with it, or if you don't get the specific result that you're after, you're gonna get all your money back".

The name risk elimination is a bit misleading  because it's not that there is no risk.

Depending from what you're selling the risk do exists.

However, this risk is being transferred from your potential client or customer to you.

I see a lot of people online talking about how important is the offer and it really is very important.

However, most of the offers actually quite risky, especially when it comes to performing some kind of a business service. Like digital marketing or copywriting  where people want to charge a reasonable amount of money but at the same time so many of them are not guaranteeing any results whatsoever.  

That's the first thing that people start thinking about the moment you you're talking to them about your offer.

Taking the risk away from them is a great way to make the sale easier.

Right, number 4 is...

Risk Elimination + Incentive (compensation)

Risk elimination plus incentive or compensation. Here's how that works :

" If the whole thing flops - not only you're gonna get all your money back, but on top of that I will send you $200 compensation".

You can use a product instead of a cash compensation if you like.

" If you are not satisfied within X days you're going to get all your money back and can keep the product for yourself".

Something like that.

Makes sense ?

Great ! 

Next one is...

Free Trial/ Delayed Billing

You know free trials for sure. This is very popular when selling software. Try free for x days and then pay kinda thing. If you like the software or the service don't do anything and will be automatically charged. Cancel anytime. 

Pretty much any software nowadays is using this type of offer.

That being said...

Free trials are not that common when it comes to coaching, consulting or agency services. I know some people that are doing it but in most cases they are unexperienced beginners. That said it depends from so many factors. I would do a free trial for someone that can skyrocket my business or benefit me in big way. It's individual. Choose wisely.

You don't want to waste time but you also don't want to miss a big opportunity if it comes in the form of a free trial.

The Best Offer Of Them All

This is where you give them everything just to take the action you want. By far my favourite type of offer. It's the one that I use personally. Well, its not exactly the same but very similar.

It goes like this :

" Don't pay anything today. Get these 5 bonuses and if in 30 days you decide to become a customer get 10% off. If you however are not happy after 30 days, keep all the bonuses I gave you and I'll send you $100 compensation".

This here is so strong that people need to be crazy to say no. It basically is a combination of all the other offers. 

It works so well its unbelievable. 


You have to be very confident with what you're selling.

Very few people are THAT confident. 

Which is good.

It means that people that know what they are doing, willing to put their money where their mouth is have an advantage. 

Yes, I know that this doesn't work for some industries.

It is what it is...

But if you are selling anything business related you should be able to use these.

I use a variation of the best offer myself.

When selling a high ticket service the risk is high. I take that away from potential clients (if the perfect fit of course).

Then I give them an incentive to sign up now. Discount on a large ticket sale works like charm because they save quite a bit by paying in full on the spot. It also helps with their commitment.

I also give a lot of extremely valuable stuff for free for people that schedule a call with myself. Again, that is an incentive.

And then, when they are on the fence, I tell them that if the whole thing flops they are not going to lose a penny on this thing. 

Contract signed and off we go.

What do you think ?

Which one of these will work best for you and why ?

Let me know down below.

Thank you for reading.

About the author 

Nikolay Valkov

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