An important question to business coaches, consultants or people that increase revenue for other businesses that are still unable to reach their financial goal or get the results they deserve

If there was a way to double, triple or even quadruple your results without spending more time or effort on marketing and sales would you still be doing what you are doing now ?

Dear Friend,

The world has changed a lot in the last few years. 

Some businesses survive while others die. 

Very few thrive.

And if there is one thing that sets them apart it would be their ability to adapt to the fast changing technological aspect of their business. 

Particularly their ability to focus on their product or service and automate their client acquisition process.

Every single day thousands of people are spending thousands if not millions on getting their funnels optimised, getting their ads set up and literally trying their best to increase the revenue and at the same time spend less time on client acquisition.

Which begs the question…

Are you getting your fair share of this million dollar per day industry ?

We both know that the success of your coaching or consulting business relies heavily on your ability to generate results for your clients.

Which also means that focusing on their results is CRUCIAL.

The problem is that the landscape has changed so much in the last few years that very few people actually managed to stay on top of it.

If you feel stuck in the pre-internet ways of coaching and consulting, don’t really get this online thing or…

You are tired of trying to do what everybody else does but not get the results that other coaches and consultants are getting…

Then keep reading...

It will make all the difference by the end of this letter.

But first let me ask you...

The toughest yet crucial question of them all

You’ve probably been asked this exact same question every time when you look for help. 

You spoke with coaches, consultants and agencies but they all ask this not-so-easy to answer question.

And your answer is the same as it was years ago when you started.

It’s the question that most coaches and consultants are afraid of… are you currently getting clients ?


I know how people look at you when you answer that.

A business coach or a consultant that doesn’t know how to get clients for himself is going to help me get clients ?

An imposter !!!

That’s what most people would think.

Networking, direct outreach and cold calling are so 2013. 

It requires an enormous amount of time and effort and is as predictable as the weather in Britain.

All you want is a system that gets people to you and saves you time.

All you want is a system that qualifies and even sells your services on autopilot without you sinking hours of your already busy schedule to talk to people who are not your ideal clients…

You deserve to serve more clients than your competitors because all they care about is the financial gain  while your main focus is the results that your clients get.

And you are one step closer to achieving it by just thinking the way you do.

But there is something holding you back.

And here they are...

4 reasons why your competitors are eating up your market share and stealing your clients

  • Reason 1 - You are overwhelmed by the amount of tools and tech you need to master
    Technology has dramatically changed the business environment in the last few years.

    Traditional television is being replaced with on-demand services as we speak.
    Radio is being replaced with podcasts, networking is replaced by social media. 
    We’ve got a gazzilion website/funnel builders, chatbots and so much more. 
    How could you make sense of all of that ?
    Which one should you focus on ?
    Do you simply do all of it ?
  • Reason 2 - You lack the strategy
    Understanding the tech part is one thing but having the right strategy and understanding how and when to use it as a part of a plan is another.
    Because if you are unable to create revenue generating strategy for your clients…
    You would literally be competing with people all over the world.
    Most people can learn how to use a software. 
    Which means you will compete with people willing to do the same thing that you do but…
    Charging way less than you.
    The bad news is that you won’t be able to last long when competing with some people from Africa or Asia simply because they can afford to charge less and still be profitable.
    To gain competitive advantage you MUST be able to come up with the strategy and see the big picture.
  • Reason 3 - Lack of or poor results with your automated client acquisition process
    If you go on your social media profiles you will see a trend. 
    The most successful people in our industry are the advertising people. 
    I mean really successful coaches and consultants. 
    So why is that ?
    It’s simply because they can reach the highest amount of people. 
    Not only that but it is done on autopilot. 
    Which allows them to focus on their service or product instead of spending time on marketing and sales.
    The result is their marketing and sales are more effective and take zero to none of their time…
    ...while at the same time their product or service is getting better because it takes all of their time. 
    The advertising space is getting more and more competitive but it is nothing like everything else.
    It is still a relatively blue ocean.
    Unless you have a big audience, advertising is the fastest way to get clients.
  • Reason 4 - Too many marketing channels
    As entrepreneurs we tend to start many projects all at once. 
    I know because I used to do the same thing. 
    Youtube, Podcast and all the other socials…
    But if we stop for a second and think about it…
    What is the actual goal of all of that ?
    It is to impact lives and have a business that provides value right ?
    And the only way you can do that is by growing your business. 
    Because the value created from your product or service is what impacts lives.
    Not you personally. 
    So all these socials are a marketing channel at the end of the day. 
    Marketing channel that grows slowly and is not very predictable. 
    Even though your team is doing most of the work…
    You are still involved…
    You still think about it…
    It takes away your focus.
    Instead focus on serving more people and impacting more lives through your business.
    Which is what the goal was in the first place right ?
    Surprisingly you will achieve more by doing less.
    While most people are focusing on all these stuff…
    ...some are doing ONLY 3 things and are dominating their industries…
    Generating leads, making sales and delivering great results with their product or service.

Focusing on these 3 crucial business elements is the difference between the most successful coaches and consultants and the ones begging for work

By now you probably know it quite well. 

You also know that it’s risky, expensive and it doesn’t always work right ?

Which is something that people that have never done it successfully would say. 

By following this NEW system you will be able to :

  • Never again waste money on a consultant or an agency that can’t deliver the result
    (How to actually know if they CAN before you even hire them)
  • Know exactly how much you would have to invest to achieve your financial goals
    (So there is no more guessing, overestimating or underestimating your financial goals)
  • How to identify key performance metrics for your marketing and sales efforts
    (So you actually know if the whole thing is working and can monitor your marketing team or agency  if they are doing what they should)
  • How to eliminate price or ANY objections prior to a sales conversation
    (Simple process that turns them into buyers before you even call them)
  • How to generate more leads, calls, clients and profit with mathematical predictability
    (Dead-simple equation used by very few of the most elite, result-driven consultants that literally guarantees profitability for your business in fraction of the time)

All of these are very easy to achieve and learn. 

You simply need somebody to explain them to you. 

Show you how it works or maybe even build the whole thing for you.

These skills are responsible for millions of dollars and are the secret weapon of some of the most successful entrepreneurs of 2020. 

In our industry things are changing FAST. 

And while some of us are stuck in the old days, others are adapting this new way of doing business…

...and benefiting TREMENDOUSLY by taking most of the market by storm.

If you are still reading this...I want to share with you a way to learn all of that…


But first…

You are probably wondering who am I right ?

But most importantly…

How did you ended up reading this letter ?

The reason why I want to share this story is not to bore you to death.

But this story is directly related to how you ended up reading this letter.

Hi, my name is Nikolay Valkov and I am an online marketing consultant based In London, UK. 

When I was starting out, few years ago, I faced one MAJOR CHALLENGE.

There was literally TOO MUCH information about the whole make money online niche.

Some people saying "You need to do this" other saying "You need to do that".

It was tough.

I didn't know who to trust, who to listen to.

In early 2015 I was working a £9 an hour job in Dorset, UK.

I was working in hospitality as this was the only thing I have ever done.

Working as a waiter - no other skills whatsoever.

Even making a spreadsheet was something that I didn't know how to do.

The place where I lived was in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE  (literally) !

I lived inside the place where I've worked (something that is called live-in).

But not in a hotel room...

Not in a house somewhere close...

Not in the nearest town...


The hotel was ran by a couple, kinda oldish people.

Clearly I wasn't getting along with the owner.

He really disliked me for some reason.

It was getting tough for me and I remember that inside the basement Wi-Fi

connection was available ONLY IN THE CORNER OF THE ROOM.

I had to move the whole room around to be able to use that WI-FI.


I knew that I am probably going to leave this job or at least I had to have a PLAN B.

If I lose a job and I live there I am becoming homeless (technically).

The problem was that I have noticed a pattern in my behaviour.

Regardless of where I went it was never really the right place for me.

For 5 years I was changing different jobs (all in the same niche as I didn't know how to do anything else)


I started questioning myself :

  • Why I Can't Find The Right Place For Me ?
  • Why I Can't Work In The Same Place Longer Than 1 Year
  • Why  My Boss Never Likes Me ?
  • What The Hell IS Wrong ??

Sitting on my laptop in THE CORNER where the WI-Fi was I started looking for answers - on the internet.

I was watching a lot of videos online (still do) and heard some of the people saying that they do videos online


I was like : "Yeah But How Do They Make Money When They Don't Sell Anything" ?

Also I didn't really want to be on camera so decided this is not for me.

I started seeing a lot of videos about people selling on Amazon

It sounded very intriguing, but I had bad experience selling some old stuff I had around on Ebay.

I was full with doubts about everything I hear, see or learn online !

You know, the common stuff :

  • If it is that easy why is not everyone doing it ?
  • That guy is probably trying to sell me something (I was right in most cases)
  • This is very risky
  • This requires a lot of money
  • This doesn't work
  • This is fake

And so on and so on…

The usual stuff.

I really liked the idea of having an online business and the benefits it can have to my and everybody's life.

Really interesting, but I didn't have the skills or the knowledge to do anything about it.

However I started To Believe It is Possible To Earn The Same Wage From The Internet.

I left Dorset just after 3 months working for these people.

I came back to London and started working in a pub.

Didn't had a clue that this will be the last time I work for someone (FINALLY).

Took the train from a town called Dorchester and after 2.5 hours we were at London Waterloo.

I moved to the pub the same day.

I was already learning about the whole make money online thing.

But no action has been taken, just watching videos and reading blog posts.

I was thinking about doing something but wasn't too sure about it.

I simply didn't know what I need to do.

The answer to this question was given to me when...

A Mysterious Individual Approached Me

So I've just started this new job.

On my second day in the pub I have already met all the staff members and there was that ONE guy.

His name was Dan and he was working behind the bar.

Me and Dan have finished work late and decided to stay for a beer and have a chat.

We were talking about everything and I somehow mentioned selling on Amazon to him.

He was like :


I couldn't believe what a coincidence that was.

Something that I was interested for a while, wasn't exactly 100% sure about and now I see a proof ?

That guy was making more than £200 a day from these food containers and he is pouring pints in the pub for £9 an hour ?

"Hmmm something isn't right here, he is probably laying" I said to myself.

My mentor Dan

I asked him to go out for a beer one day when we are both off to discuss that further and also so he can show me how it works.

We met in another pub in Hammersmith (can't remember the name) 

We sat in front of the laptops and....

He explained everything !

That was completely FREE of charge - he never asked for anything in return.

This was me convinced 100% that living from the internet is not ONLY possible, but actually easier than I thought it was.

At the end of the day if that guy could do it then WHY NOT ME ?

And this is how it all started - someone opened my eyes and it was for FREE.

After that meeting I made a decision that my time has finally come.

You see....

I always wanted to have my own business and work for myself but had no idea how to do it.

I was thinking about having my own restaurant which would've costed thousands and thousands If not millions.

This guy told me and made me realise that starting an online business is easier than It has ever been before.

And so I made...

A Life Changing Decision With Heavy Consequences

I registered a company and shortly after...

I got sacked (fired) and lost the job.

It costed my a 10 year career to start doing this thing.

I was ok with it because I really wanted to have a business.

So I started selling on Amazon and do that for a living.

The profit margins were tiny and it was way more difficult that i thought it was.

I've spend the next year and a half changing business models, consuming information on Youtube and learning as a whole.

Tried and failed at most business models out there. Drop shipping, Amazon, Affiliate and all that kind of stuff.

However I was making just enough to pay my bills without working a job.

This allowed me to BUY TIME. I used this time to learn.

I've always been passionate for technology and I started playing with Funnels, Wordpress and other software.

I learned how to use them and wanted to transition to a service based business.

A MAJOR challenge, again !

I couldn't get any clients. 

I wasn't generating traffic.

I sat down and started thinking...

And then...

I got lucky. 

Started getting clients from facebook groups and posting on social media.

But my closing rate was horrible. 

Being a relatively shy guy closing a deal over the phone was absolutely terrifying.

On top of that english is not my first language and this was a big insecurity of mine.

Thanks to my stubbornness I started getting clients every now and then. 

By constantly practicing what I do I learned almost every single funnel software and all that. 

Then I realised that if I do only that I am competing with people from Asia and Africa.

To change that I mastered Copywriting and Media Buying as well. 

You need 3 of them anyway...

I started meeting other entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants. 

They all had the exact same problems.

It turned out that what I do can solve these problems.

This is how you ended up here

If the story was different this page wouldn't exist and this copy would not be written.

Today, I have helped many, many coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs increase their profits and sell more by utilising my skillset.

And every single one of them started the same way.

It starts with…

My 100% FREE Blueprinting Session

This is a 45 to an hour long phone call where I would literally draw a map for you.

step by step process to achieve your financial goal.

It's all about... 

Your goal, the right sales process, the right traffic source...

But most importantly...THE NUMBERS behind it.

And the best thing about it…

It’s FREE.

We both know that every business is different. 

The same system that works for everybody else might not work for you.

Why ?

Because you are different. 

Because your market is different…

So to make sure this thing works for you.

We would have to talk on the phone.

I want to know what your goal is, what your challenges are and then I would design a custom marketing and sales blueprint to get you there.

For free.

You're probably wondering why would i spend the time to do that for free right ?

And the reason is because I know that 3-4 people out of 10 would become clients afterwards. 

This is simply  how I get clients.

I will draw you a map, like a blueprint and then you have a choice:

1.You prefer to take it and implement it yourself or get someone else to help you with it




2. You like it so much that you want it implemented immediately by becoming a client.

And if thats the case heres how that works :

We start by me writing ALL your sales copy. 

Email copy, Pages Copy, Sales copy, VSL Copy all of it. 

Once that is done we start setting everything up. 

I create all your pages, optin pages, sales pages, email sequences, automations, everything.

Then all of that comes together so it just works automatically every day, all day 24/7. FOREVER.

But there is MORE…

Once all of that is done you also get your own partners program.

So every single client that you get is actually incentivised to bring you even more clients. 

We know how important referral can be - they are easier to sell to and have higher profit margins.

So why would you want a sales machine like that ?

  • It will save you a TON of time
    Let the machine do the work for you while you focus on delivering a great product or service to your clients. Which is what they have paid you for in the first place right ?
  • It will help you sell more
    Qualifying in advance and removing objections prior the call allows you to control the state of the person before the actual call and thus skyrocketing your closing rate.
  • It is very scalable
    Not only that but the more people you send in the process will be collecting data that after that can be used to make it better and more efficient. The more people you send the better it gets. 
  • Most importantly - HUGE return on investment
    Let the machine do the work for you while you focus on delivering a great product or service to your clients. Which is what they have paid you for in the first place right ?

You can get all of that ONLY if and only if we mutually agree that we want to work together.

Regardless if you become a client or not you still get a custom marketing and sales blueprint for you to keep

Which is literally the exact same thing that my paid clients start with.

So you WIN regardless of the outcome. 


This is not for everyone. 


  • This is NOT beginner friendly 
    If you are just starting out please do not apply this is not what you need
  • This is NOT FOR YOU IF you haven't had any clients before
    If you haven't had any clients up until this point please do not apply you have other things to figure out first
  • This is NOT FOR YOU IF you don't have a legitimate business that provides REAL VALUE
    No offence to people in MLM, Bitcoin, Affiliate or any of that but you have to control the marketing, sales and product or service delivery to make this work. With these business models this is usually not the case.
  • This is NOT FOR YOU IF you are in a difficult situation - this is not a way to save a dying business
    Every single attempt at growing a business has some level of risk. If your business is experiencing hard times or is bleeding cash this is probably the worst thing you can do to try save it. Just don't.
  • This is FOR YOU IF you ready to grow your business
    Unless you have a proven traffic source we will have to advertise. Advertising costs $ and you have to be ready and willing to spend to achieve your financial goal.
  • This is FOR YOU IF you are already someone that other people would consider successful 
    Which means that you have to had clients already and get them the results they paid you for. If your product or service delivery is not delivering results to your clients the whole thing is not going to work for long. 
  • This is Ideal FOR YOU IF you are someone that increases revenue for other businesses
    The same process would work for most businesses, however the ones that get the best results are usually service providers like coaches, consultants ideally people that do something similar or somewhat related to what I do - growing businesses. 
  • This is PERFECT FOR YOU IF you know your numbers and already have DATA
    This is perfect if you are already advertising, sending people through a funnel and have DATA that can be analysed. This will allow us to focus on improving stuff than actually building them, which leads to quicker results. It is much easier to fix something that is already working than to build something from scratch.

You simply need to be in a position where this blueprint will be valuable. 

And thats it.

With all of that being said I want to reassure you that during the call there is no pressure or anything like that.

I am not a high pressure salesman myself and thats why I use a letter like this.

So if you are interested in all of that click the button below and I look forward speaking to you soon.

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards

Nikolay Valkov


I've set some time to write this personal letter to you.

But if you are like most people...

You probably skipped to the bottom to see if there is a call to action.

Surprise, surprise there is.

So let me condense the whole information and give it to you real quick.

Since you probably have never heard of me, don't like me and don't trust me...

I used this letter to share my story, how I got to do what I do but most importantly...


I also would like to invite you to a FREE BLUEPRINTING SESSION with myself.

During this session, which is not too long, we will reverse engineer your financial goal and find a way to get you there.

For free. 

There is a criteria though so some applicants won't qualify for it

It takes literally 5 minutes to apply.

So if you are ready to take advantage of what is considered the gold rush of the 21st century. 

Go ahead and schedule you BLUEPRINTING Session NOW.