Kartra Funnel Builder Review


Kartra is an all in one marketing and sales funnel software that was released in April 2018.

The CEO of the platform is Andy Jenkins who has worked with the famous internet marketer Frank Kern to deliver an amazing software for all of us marketers.

It is probably the best alternative to ClickfunnelsLeadpagesOntraport and etc..

You can find an article where I compare them here.

I have noticed that it's not as popular as it should, in my opinion, and with this article I want to share everything that you can use it for and how.

We are going to dive deep inside Kartra Software and have a look at every single element and all of its functions.

But before we get into that... I need to mention the fact that I've been using Kartra extensively for about 3 months and I personally love it.

With that being said let's dive into it.

What Does Kartra Include ?

Kartra all in one marketing and sales funnel softwarecomes with LOADS of features.

I have created a small list so you can find out more about all of them.

It can easily replace any marketing software that you use AND it has some stuff that others don't.

With all of that being said I personally think that it is the best Clickfunnels alternativeout there.

Not only that BUT in most cases, it is a superior product. That obviously is personal preference.

So let's have a look at what Kartra comes with.


As you can see on the screenshot above Kartra all in one and sales funnel builder softwarehas a lot to it.

On the left side of the screen you have all the tabs that you will be using.

Check the list below if screenshot not clear enough.

  • Kartra Products
  • Kartra Communications (Email and SMS Autoresponder)
  • Kartra Pages (Page Builder)
  • Kartra Forms (Sign Up Forms)
  • Kartra Memberships(Course and Membership Site Creation)
  • Kartra Videos (Video Hosting)
  • Kartra Helpdesks (Customer Support)
  • Kartra Campaigns (Done For You Campaigns and Sell Your Campaigns)
  • Kartra Integrations (Connect your Payment Methods and etc..)
  • Kartra Academy (Kartra Training)
  • Kartra Affiliate Promos (Promote Affiliate Products From Kartra Marketplace)

Now that we know all the features that Kartra comes with, we are going to dive into every single one of them and see what can be done and achieved by using Kartra all in one marketing and sales funnel builder.

But before that let's talk about...

Kartra Pricing - How Much Does The Best Clickfunnels Alternative Cost ?

Having an all in one marketing platform at your disposal is a great booster to all your marketing efforts.

However the price in some cases is an issue.

Sales funnel builders are somewhat expensive in most cases.

Kartra however is much cheaper than most of it's competitors !

Also it comes with it's full functionality even at the cheapest pricing plan.


As you can see the pricing plan you will go for depends entirely from the size of your business.

There are no features being locked behind a pay wall.

Everything is available straight away when you log in regardless of the pricing plan you choose.

Also you can try Kartra out for just $1 before you switch over.

Now that we have the pricing and all the features out of the way. We are going to dive deeper into every single one of them and how to use Kartra all in one marketing and sales funnel builder software to it's full potential.

Kartra Products 

The first time you log in, at the top left you will see the "My Products" Section.

When you click on it it will look like that :


Kartra My Products Section

As of now I have just one product which is a membership and I am giving it away that's why the screen doesn't show any sales.


We have 3 tabs there - products, affiliates and analytics.

With Kartra all in one marketing and sales funnel software adding a product is very easy.

All you have to do is click the big green button at the bottom right and start the process.

It is a step by step process and you just need to follow it.

Typing the whole thing out would be a pain therefore I have created a video.

Adding a product with Kartra is extremely easy as I said.

You can also do add  up-sells, cross - sells and down-sells.

I personally prefer the way it works with this software than any other.

Of course that is a personal preference but this is one of the many reasons why I think it's the best Clickfunnels alternativeout there.

Kartra Tracking

This is one of my favourite ones.

Basically that allows you to track link clicks.

The whole process is very simple.

You add any link that you want to track.

There are similar softwares out there doing just that and doing it slightly better.

That being said link tracking works very well.

You can also add tags to leads that click on a tracking link.

To create a tracking link you have to click the green button and follow the simple process.

You can also do the same thing with Kartra Pages.


Kartra page tracking

Kartra tracking is something that I don't think other all in one marketing and sales funnel softwareshave available.

Another popular link tracking software is Clickmagick.

Kartra Coupons 

With Kartra you can easily create coupon codes for your products.

The process is the same like everything else in Kartra.

You need to click the green button and follow the step by step process.

The minimum value of a product needs to be at least $1.

If you want to give a product away you can do that using a form.

When a lead fills the form in you can give them access to your product.


Kartra Coupon Codes

Here's a tip for you :

You can use a coupon to fill up your messenger bot, facebook group or any other action you want leads to take. 

For example if they want to get your product at a discount they have to click on a button which is connected to your messenger bot and the bot gives them the discount code.

Kartra Sales Tax

Kartra all in one marketing and sales funnel software can calculate sales tax depending from where you are at.

You just need to fill in the sales tax % and it will do that automatically for all your sales.

Kartra Self Billing Page

Your customers and people that have bought your products can see a small self billing page.

From there they can request a refund, cancel their account, download their invoices.

It is up to you if you want to give them access to it, make the whole process automated or manual.

If you choose manual and someone wants a refund for example, you will receive a Helpdesk request.


Kartra Self Billing

Kartra Affiliates 

When creating a product inside Kartra you will be asked if you want to create an affiliate program for it.

Which is AWESOME....

Creating your own affiliate program is not just very easy but Kartra also has an affiliate marketplace.

That means that even recruiting affiliate is possible inside Kartra.

Here's how it works:

When you create your product you choose the product to be listed in Kartra affiliate Marketplace.

Create an affiliate recruitment page and you are good to go.

Like with everything in Kartra all you have to do is follow the simple step by step process and you are good to go.

There are quite a few different options you can choose from.

You can add a questionnaire for all your affiliates and so on...


Create an affiliate program inside Kartra

So that is everything about the Kartra products section. 

There is also analytics, which is available for everything in Kartra and does not need explanation.

What analytics does is it allows you to see all the relevant information for this particular section - in this case sales, re-bills and etc...

With that being said let's proceed further...

Next is...

Kartra My Communications

My communications is basically the email autoresponder inside Kartra.

One of the main reasons why Kartra is the best Clickfunnels Alternative is because it includes an email autoresponder in ANY plan you sign up for.

Also Kartra has one of the best email delivery rates in the industry.

According to my experience this is not an exaggeration.

So let's get into it shall we ?

When you click on my communications you land on a screen looking like that : 


Kartra my communications

Leads section is where you can see your lists, leads and tags.

Everyone that has used an autoresponder knows what an email list is.

We are going to take a closer look at leads and tags as they are different for all softwares and are somewhat UNIQUE in Kartra.

Kartra Leads

Here's where it gets really interesting.

As I mentioned before in Kartra you can assign tags to your leads depending from what actions they take and score their actions as well.

For us internet marketers information and data is worth Everything !

As the best Clickfunnels alternative Kartra all in one marketing software provides loads of data.

To explain that I am going to use one my funnels for an example.

You have noticed that I talk about Amazon Online Arbitrage a lot.

I create a video and leave a link for my FREE Amazon Online Arbitrage Course.

I have 2 places to do that...

This blog and A Youtube Channel as well.

When someone signed up I ask them to join my facebook group, YT channel and Messenger Bot.

On the thank you page there are 3 buttons to do so.

I track the buttons and assign tags.

That way I know if a lead inside Kartra is already a Youtube Subscriber and etc..

Let me show you how it looks like inside Kartra.


Kartra Leads Scoring

Here we can see a user that has joined my FB group and subscribed to both my messenger bot and YT channel. We can also see what he's score is and in my case that is a very active lead.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that you can trace every single action a lead has taken.

From receiving and opening emails to subscribing, watching videos and more.

I hope you now have better understanding of how Kartra Leads works.

Next is...

Kartra Communications 

Kartra communications tab is divided in 3.

First is broadcasts.

Broadcast are used for your daily emails.

You choose which list you want to email or everyone in your database, create the email and schedule or send straight away.

Most people that have used an autoresponder know to send a broadcast and with Kartra is not that different.

In Kartra you can split test everything. Even your emails !

You can create an email and if you want to split test it all you have to do is choose what percentage to your list will get email #1 and what email #2.

Kartra Email Sequence


Kartra email sequence

Email sequence is a series of emails.

However with Kartra it's way more than that.

All the data that you have for a user can be used to tailor your emails to every single lead.

For example step 5 of your sequence can be an offer that you make only to leads that have clicked on a certain link in step 4.

That way step 5 will be send only to people that have shown interest in your previous email.

The things that you can do are literally endless.

Kartra automations can be used during creating a sequence.

Using an automation you can tag leads, give them score, move the from one sequence to another or from one list to another.

This would be hard to type it all in therefore I've created a short video for YOU.

Kartra Communications Analytics

Like with everything in Kartra you can see the analytics to check your open rates, click through rates and all of that stuff. 

You can use analytics for your broadcast, lists and sequences as well.

With that said let's proceed this guide to....

Kartra Pages


Kartra page builder

Yet another reason that, in my opinion, shows that Kartra is the best Clickfunnels alternative is the Kartra page builder.

Every all in one marketing and sales funnel builderis able to create pages.

Nothing new here, there are literally loads of page builders out there.

Kartra comes with loads of templates :

  • Squeeze Pages
  • Video Sales Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Long Sales Pages
  • Coming Soon Pages
  • Product Launch Pages
  • Product Review Pages
  • Webinar Registration Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • 404 Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Membership Login
  • Live Event Pages
  • Affiliate Pages
  • Legal Pages
  • Blog Posts

So yeah...it has a lot of templates or you can start from scratch if you want to.

There is no such page that can't be created with this Clickfunnels alternative.

Kartra Pages Split Testing


Kartra page split test

Of course you can do split testing with Kartra.

All you have to do is pick the pages you want to split test and decide what percentage of the traffic each one of them is getting.

It's that simple.

Kartra pages works great and it is very easy to use and create great looking pages from any sort or kind.

If you create a very similar pages you can save a template are re-use it every time and save even more time.

Split testing is available as well as I said.

Next on the list is...

Kartra Forms


Kartra forms

Kartra all in one marketing and sales funnel software works backwards.

That mean with your goal being the first thing on your mind.

Therefore there is a small difference compared to other similar Clickfunnels alternatives.

Before creating a page with a sign up form you need to create the form itself first.

The process is exactly the same as with anything in Kartra.

You can also set different automations on the different forms.

For example I have a form to my Free Online Arbitrage Course.

When they fill that form in - they join my Amazon list, they are tagged, subscribed to sequence and etc...

You can choose if you want a form to have double or single optin, what page they are being send to after submitting the form and etc...

Another great thing about Kartra forms is that you can create different forms depending from what your business is about.

If you are selling a high ticket product you can ask them to fill up the form and then you are going to give them a call and etc..

Kartra Form Analytics

Like everything you can view the analytics of the form and compare which one is performing better.

For example I create 2 identical forms and put one on my blog the other one on my YT channel and compare which one brings more people in.


I know this is a long post but we are getting there...

Keep reading....

Next is....

Kartra Memberships


Kartra membership example

This one is awesome.

Yet another reason why I think Kartra is the best Clickfunnels alternative and the best all in one marketing and sales funnel software.

You can create your own courses and membership areas.

When you have a few courses ready you can combine them and create a Member Portal.

There is a, very easy to use, drag and drop builder for creating your membership sites.

It is that easy that it doesn't even need explanation but I will have a video for you so you can see actually how easy it is.

I am now working on a few courses that will add to my membership.

They will all be for free for now at least.

My ultimate goal is to create a Member's Portal.

Kartra Member Portals


Kartra Member Portal

Member Portal is a place where your leads can see all your courses.

However they don't have access to all of them unless they have paid or done another action that you want them to.

By giving someone the link to the member portalthey can see everything that is available and sign up for whatever they like the most.

As a whole member portalslook great and makes things really easy for your subscribers.

Think of it as the front of the store.

When a lead clicks on the course they want, they will be send to the sales page of the same course.

Kartra Files


Kartra files hosting

Before I started using Kartra I used to recommend all Thrive Themestools.

Obviously I still use Thrive for my blog and that is exactly what this article was built with.

However there was no easy way for me to send files to subscribers.

There was a way around it but with Kartra it is as easy as one click.

You can also see at any point of time how many times your file has been downloaded.

Kartra Membership Analytics

You can always check all the analytics from your membership inside Kartra.


Kartra membership analytics

There ya go.

It has never been easier for you to create your own course in one single platform and start selling it straight away.

Then, create a few more courses and create a member portal.

You can call it an academy, sounds posh.

Next is the biggest benefit and advantage Kartra has over ANY other similar product.

The main reason why I use Kartra, why I think that it is not only the best Clickfunnels alternative, but the best all in one marketing platform out there !

This is, at least for me, the biggest feature of Kartra.....

Kartra Video

Kartra is a video hosting marketing platform as well.

That means that you can add your videos straight to Kartra.

Also you can add little tricks to your videos.

When you add a video you will land on a page that looks like that :


Kartra video hosting

Inside the setting tab you will be able to do the following :


Things get really interesting when you click the CTA tab.


You can basically show an option form at a certain time of the video and lock the video behind a social unlock.

Visitors will have to share the video if they want to see it and more.

These stuff can't be find in other platforms.

None of the other Clickfunnels alternativeor Clickfunnels itself are capable of doing that because they don't host videos.

You can also tag leads depending from how long of the video they have watched.

This can be extreme useful if, for example, you are running a webinar or something like that.

At the end of the video you can decide if you want to start the video again, show another video or change to another page.

The possibilities are endless an Kartra Video Hosting is another MAJOR PRO of Kartra Software.

Kartra Help Desk


Kartra Helpdesk

You can easily include customer support to all your products in Kartra.

Not only products but anywhere you want actually.

When you crate your Helpdesk you get a link for it.

So anyone you want can get in touch with your team.

You can have few different teams like : support, sales and etc...

There are 4 ways in which customers can contact your team :

  • 1Tickets Support
  • 2Phone
  • 3Skype
  • 4Chat

That is not everything though.

You can create a whole WIKI blog for your product.

FAQ and how to's for whatever you are selling.

I haven't personally used that and ill drop a link to Kartra's blog(which I assume is using Kartra) so you can take a look.

You can also use a Helpdesk to capture leads by asking people to enter their email so you can get back to them.

Please don't subscribe them to a sequence if they don't expect it.

Kartra Campaign Sharing


Kartra campaign sharing

This one is relatively new.

It is about time Kartra....

Now you can create a campaign and share it with other Kartra users.

How awesome is that !!

To do that you have to click on the button and start adding your assets. 

You have to add everything that your campaign has in it.

All the videos, lists, sequences, tags and etc...

When you do all of that you are going to get a code that you can share with other Kartra users.

That is not all though....

Kartra Campaign Marketplace

This one is coming soon. Very soon.

Probably by the time you read this it should be available.

Basically every campaign that you create and is ready to be shared could also be sold FOR REAL MONEY on that marketplace.

I personally can't wait for that.

By doing that, Kartra is actually stimulating marketers to create awesome campaigns.


That will force marketers ti push even harder and be able to sell their work for real money.

I love that !!

I think it is a brilliant idea and can't wait to test it out.

By the way I have a campaign that I am willing to share with anyone !

Get Kartra Using the button below and I will send you the code straight away.

The campaign that I've got is basically to grow all my social media presence everywhere.

Giving free courses in exchange of people following me on social.

Here's a button if you interested.

Kartra Done For You Campaign


Kartra done for you campaigns

There are 5 campaigns that come packed when you sign up for Kartra.

They have been created by the famous internet marketer Frank Kern.

Frank is a legend in the internet marketing and has been doing it since the early days.

I won't go deep into the campaigns themselves but just briefly mention them.

  • 1Quick Launch Campaign 
  • 2Simple List Builder
  • 3List Builder
  • 44 Day Cash Machine
  • 5Book Funnel

These campaigns are a good start if you dont know how to create one.

They are also useful as a guidance on how to use Kartra.

With these campaigns Kartra is showing not just that it is a great Clickfunnels alternative but probably the best all in one marketing platform and best sales funnel builder out there.

Kartra Integrations

You can connect your Kartra account to various apps and payment methods.

You can use Paypal, Kajabi, Stripe and even connect with Zapier.

The list goes on and on and although other softwares could possible connect with more apps with Kartra you simply DON'T HAVE TO. 

With Zapier you can automate different tasks but this is still in beta and needs a blog post or youtube video on its own.

Kartra Academy

Kartra Academy is training for Kartra users.

If there is anything that you don't know how to do you can always have a look there.

They also include training from the CEO himself Andy Jenkins.

Kartra My Affiliate Promos


Kartra affiliate marketplace

This is the affiliate dashboard in Kartra.

You can see the products that you are promoting and the analytics.

Also you can access the Kartra Affiliate Marketplace and see if there's anything you would like to promote.

Inside this section is where you can see how your affiliates are doing, all the transactions and pretty much everything affiliate marketing related.

The products look a bit weird to be honest but that's about to change when me and you start getting affiliates from inside Kartra.

So if you have a product but don't know how to find people to promote it, here's the answer !

I haven't bought or promoted anything from inside Kartra as there are no products in my niche, which is not a bad thing, is it ?


As you can see I like and use Kartra for my own business.

I have also used pretty much every single other all In one marketing softwareout there.

Kartra, is not just a great Clickfunnels alternativebut a superior product as a whole. The best sales funnel builderright now if you ask me.

Of course this is just my opinion about it but there are a lot of other marketersthat prefer Kartra.

Also you get access to their Trello Board where you can see what's coming next for the platform and vote for the features that you like the most.

It is constantly being updated with new features and you can definitely feel like you are part of something big.

The free facebook group that they've got allows you to connect with other Kartra members and get quick answer to your questions.

If you are interested in trying Kartra for $1 for 14 days you can use the button below, would be appreciated (you get my social explosion campaign for free).

If you want to learn more about how to use Kartra and start generating income online, subscribe to my affiliate marketing emails.




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