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Here's What I Do In A Nutshell :


The ability to find people interested in your product/service and position yourself in front of them


The ability to convert interested people into actual high ticket clients


The ability to deliver results and solve your clients problems while at the same time building long lasting relationships.

Hey there,

My name is Nikolay Valkov and I'm a marketing and sales consultant based in London, UK. I'm extremely passionate about funnels, ads and sales copy but when I'm not working I like going to the gym, playing video games and listening to weird music. If you are selling high ticket info, coaching, consulting or agency services I would love to have a little chat. If you want to learn how to get clients watch my free training. You'll love it. Thanks :)

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Marc Wilson

Business Coach

"He overdelivered like crazy, I'm very impressed."

Marta Dvorakova

Social Media Strategist

“ He helped me turn things around for a clients campaign. We still use the same campaign to this day. If you need more leads or a funnel Nikolay is your guy  ”

Brendan Pacini

Ecom Sales Funnels

“ I highly recommend Nikolay. He was courteous, he was on time but most importantly he gets the job done ”


Health Nutritionist 

"He helped me clarify my offer and identify my ideal clients"

Blair Phillips

Online Consultant

“ The guy knows his stuff. Great communication, great execution, awesome results ”

Nitsan Gaibel

Online Consultant

“ I highly recommend Nikolay. He helped me mapping out and creating my funnel and email sequence”

Yes, I would love to know how to get more clients, increase revenue and grow my business...