Top 4 Ways To Deliver Your Coaching, Consulting Or Agency Services


Hey my name is Nikolay Valkov and recently I was talking to a friend of mine on messenger.

He has nothing to do with our industry and he asked me a very simple yet interesting question.

“Are you a consultant or a marketer or a sales person…?What is it that you actually do?”

It got me thinking...

I quite often say that I’m a consultant just as a quick explanation of what I do but his questions really got me thinking…

Am I really ?

What is the difference between being a one on one coach or consultant or an agency ?

I’ve decided to answer the question and also help you guys understand what the best way to deliver your service is.

Ok, ok there is no BEST way.

There is only the RIGHT way.

I’ll explain everything in a minute but before we get into it…

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So if you have any knowledge that you want to share with the world and get paid in return…

You can do one of these 4 things.

You can do it for them...DFY agency services...that of course is not possible for every industry and niche…

You can do it with them...DWY 1 on 1 coaching, consulting, mentoring or something like that…

You can do it with them but in a group - group coaching or a mastermind group…

Or you can show them how to do it so they can do it the form of an online course.

So what is the difference between all of these ?

Well there isnt any.

You see, if you are a coach you will guide your client through a specific process right ? 

It is the exactly same thing for any of the delivery methods.

These 4 are basically the way you deliver the result you are getting paid for.

The process that you use as an agency is very similar to the process you would use as a coach.

You start with step one then step two and tree and etc…

That doesnt mean that there is no difference of course.

It all comes down to 2 variables.

  1. Client results
  2. Your business needs

Done For You 

If you go back to the list and look at how the different services are organised you will actually see that I have started the list with DFY. WHY ?

Well simply because you have the most control over the end result. I do DFY too. When everything is being done by you you eliminate variables. 

Is the client going to do the work, is confident, how is he feeling and etc…

DFY is very difficult to scale though unless you want to pursuit a business with a lot of employees aka some form of an agency.

This delivery method is used when you ABSOLUTELY love your craft. When its not about the mission or the success of the business or anything like that. When you truly love what you do it will be hard to move from here. You do the work and you are responsible for the results. Many people stay in DFY because of that. 

When you are doing all the work you follow some kind of a framework right.

You take this client, onboard them, then you do step 1, step 2, step 3 of the process and the end result is what the client wants or needs. 

Done With You One on One

It is the exact same thing when doing 1 on 1 or one to many coaching or consulting.

You start by following the same framework with clients one on one.

Your first call is step 1. You teach them what you teach them and then you give them homework. The second call is where you check their homework and answer their questions.

And so on.

You see how it actually is the exact same thing. 

I often get asked : "Hey, are you a coach, consultant or an agency ?"

It seems like people are looking for a way to indetify themselves and what they do with a specific word. 

The reality however is that it doesnt matter how you or anybody else defines you. 

The only thing that matter is the end result. 

What type of delivery method you use depends entirely on scalability of the model and the ability to maintain the final result. 

If the result is in your clients hands the less control you have.


Done With You One To Many (Group)

Now that you have gotten results for clients doing DFY and DWY one on one coaching or consulting its to move to the next step. 

You see, the thing that you do works. Its proven by DFY and DWY. At this stage you’ve probably experienced that when doing DWY it gets a lot harder as well. Reason being...your clients are humans and they have things going on. Same as everyone. Therefore its natural to have a drop in your result rate.

Anyway...its time to move on because you want more. It could be money, it could be impact, it could be many things.

To grow you have to get more clients. And you need to serve more pople at the same time.

This is where you start doing group coaching/consulting or masterminds. 

Whats the difference ? 

Absolutely NONE. 

You follow the same framework you already have.

But instead of teaching it one on one you teach the same thing to a group.

This has another great benefit for your clients. They know get together with other people with similar goals and are at similar level in their business. That networking effect increases the value of your service significantly. 

You can add a physical element of it to increase the value further…

For example holding your mastermind in exotic locations around the world or something like that.

Its hard to do that right now because of COVID. But even if it is all online it is still very beneficial for your clients. They get more out of the service and you can serve more clients at the same time allowing you to scale further.

This is a fantastic way to sell your services at scale that would make financial sense to you while at the same time keeping the result rates very high. Still maybe slightly lower that doing one on one where all your attention goes to the client in front of you.

Oh, and by the way you can run multiple groups at the same time. Because you are following this step by step system that you’ve developed you can have multiple groups at different stages of the process. This is a great delivery method.

Online Program/Course

Next and this is the last delivery method that we will discuss is creating your own online training program. An online course as they call it. This is the process when you productize your service. 

The most scalable of them all as you are not teaching anymore. You’re not even there. 

Very high profit margins as well. Very popular on the internet right now.

A lot of people jump straight to an online course. This is a problem because the expertise they are selling has not been tested. If you are just getting started its best to go through the delivery methods in the way I talked about them.

DFY- DWY 1 on 1- DWY Group - Productized service

Again when you are creating this course stick to your already proven step by step framework.

Your course is the exact same framework that you used to fullfil your service when doing DFY.

There is absolutely no difference. 

Maybe you are asking WHEN is the right time to productise your service ?

Well, youl definetely know when its time for it.

Your group coaching will be full and you will struggle to deliver.

Usually lead generation determines when its time to increase prices or switch to another model.

If you are generating a ton of leads, you are super busy with fullfilling your service then its time to automate the entire thing and sell it as a course.

Something very interesting happens when you do that…

When the course is selling….

And its doing quite well…

You switch what I’ve told you the other way around.

You still offer the same services but the pricing is reversed.

Meaning the course becomes the entry into your ecosystem.

After someone purchases the course and see that its actually good…

The next step in your value ladder is your mastermind…

And then the next one is one on one coaching or consulting. 

And the last one is DFY.

This is how the thing works.

In the early stages you do the work...Keeping results as high as possible and the amount of work you do is also extremely high. This improves your skills and turns you into a master of your craft. 

Then you add a teaching element to the whole thing by switching to one on one coaching or consulting. Same thing but now you teach it. You start to deal with your clients behaviour, insecurities and etc...It's a very different experience than you doing the whole thing.

When you’ve become good at not only the “thing” itself but also at transferring the information to your clients so they can do it themselves by doing one on one you switch to the group model. This allows you to scale while you keep the result rate very high. You now teach this “thing” at scale and people keep getting results. Great !

Now its time to take you out of the entire delivery and turn that into a product. This allows you to reach the maximum scale and free up your time.

Once the whole funnel is working and the course is selling well - congrats !!!!

You have successfully increased the price of your own time.

We reverse the delivery methods. Group coaching (less of your time) is for people that bought the course but want to meet other people from the group and get some time with you as well (in a group setting).

One on One becomes your highest ticket service because now your time is extremely valuable. Or you might NOT want to do one on one. Its up to you of course. 

This ladies and gentleman is how to increase the value of your time and how to deliver results for your clients. These 4 different delivery methods are more or less what everyone else is doing.

But do you know what the best part about it is ?

Regardless of the service delivery method you choose…

Regardless if you do 1 on 1, on to many, DFY or a youve got a course…

You can sell your service the EXACT SAME WAY…

Wanna know how to sell your high ticket stuff ?

Just go to and find out how to sell your service.

With all of that being said…

Thank you for spending your time here with me.

Talk to you soon.

About the author 

Nikolay Valkov

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