How To Set Up Facebook Conversions API With Zapier (Step by Step Tutorial)


Conversion API is the new thing everyone is talking about.

You want to set up your Facebook Conversion API with Zapier in less than 20 minutes ?

Good !

This is EXACTLY what this step by step Facebook Conversion API tutorial will help you with. 

I'll try to be as brief as possible while at the same time provide as much guidance as possible.

Before we start I want to encourage you to ask questions in the comment section below.

I'll try to answer as many as I can.

Now let's start.

Step #1 Go to events manager

You will find it on the right hand side of the screen or when you click on the business tools tab.

Step Number 1 Go To Events Manager

Then you need to click on the green button and connect a new data source. A screen will pop with 3 options. Select the first one called "web".

Once that is done another pop will appear. Select Conversion API.

Give your Pixel a name and point to your domain. 

Done ?


The second step of this step by step tutorial on how to set up facebook conversion api with zapier is...

Step #2 Connect to Zapier

How To Find The Zapier Integration Inside Facebook Events Manager

This is super easy.

Inside your events manager just click on Partner Integration.

Search for Zapier and follow the process.

Takes 2 minutes.

Once that is done you will receive a message that you're done and need to continue inside the Zapier app.

That's what we are going to do.

* Hey if you want to learn more about what is the best way to deliver a service - I've got this article here.*

Step #3 Log into Zapier

Create an account or log in your account. 

Here's where it gets interesting.

You need to think about your funnel and understand where the actual conversions are happening. 

In the video I made for this tutorial I am running a high ticket lead generation campaign.

It's an optin page - vsl page - application page - thank you page kinda thingy. 

The software I use is Kartra (nice one). 

I use Kartra forms to collect info from people and it happens at 2 stages.

There are 2 conversions that I care about.

The first one...which is occurring on the optin page is where we collect an email address.

And the second is on the application page where we collect a phone number and other details about their business.

When someone submits a Kartra form I want to send that conversion to facebook. 

This is what this step by step tutorial is all about right ?

Zapier is the tool that will communicate between Kartra Form and the Facebook Conversion API.

Step #4 Start Creating A New Zap

How to create a new ZAP inside Zapier

Select a Trigger

Just click on the button saying "create a zap". 

Come on, you know that right ?


When creating a zap you need to choose a "trigger".

That's your first step.

And the trigger is whatever tool you are using for conversions.

If you are selling stuff then choose the CART software you are using. 

If you are doing lead gen using a form like I do...

Then select the software you use for that.

Zapier has the biggest collection of apps as far as Im aware so...

You should be able to find the one you are using. 

It has all the funnel software so you'll be good to go.

If you do ECOM Shopify has a native integration for Conversion API so you wont need to follow this step by step tutorial. 

There are videos online that can help with that. (if you use Shopify).

Create an Action

Action Event Facebook Conversion API Zapier

The action is what happens after the trigger.

When someone buy, fills a form or whatever you want them to do...

We want to send that information to the Conversion API.

As I said we use Zapier for that.

But Facebook has recently introduced quality score for the data you send them. 

So the more data you can send using conversion API the better.

Select conversion API as the app and then you need to pick an action event.

There are a few options. If you are running a campaign where you are optimising for purchases select purchase event. 

If you are running leads ads select leads.

For everything else pick "other events"

Alright, now you follow the process and fill the info that you've got from your trigger.

This is the important part !!

Pick an event name that represents the conversion.

In my case : when they fill the optin form - lead...

When they fill the application form - submitted application.

Event time needs to be empty.

Event ID is really important. If you have your pixel installed on this funnel already...

What will happen is the conversion API and the pixel itself will start sending data to Facebook.

This will lead to the same conversions being reported twice.

Once from the Pixel and also from the Conversion API.

I'm not really sure what this event ID is but I can see the same thing being sent from Kartra. I will place this event ID data in the field. 

Event Source URL is the link where the conversion happens.

As you can see NONE of the information we used up until this point is from Facebook themselves. 

This next one...

TEST ID is from facebook though. 

This will be use to test the whole thing and see if it works once we are done.

Go to events manager again and click on "data sources".

Then click on "test events" and this is where you will find the Test ID.

Click--> copy-->paste.

The next 4 fields are : opt out of ads delivery optimisation, data processing options, data processing options, data processing state.

Mine are empty. I dont know what to do with them. If you do...Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Next is Customer information.

You want to fill as much as possible here. 

This will make it easier for Facebook to match these people to actual users of the platform. 

Once you start using this you will see a SCORE for the accuracy of the data you send to facebook. 

The more info you manage to gather the more accurate the targeting will be.

So fill in the form with names, email, phone numbers, IP's and everything you can.

So just follow the form and fill as much as possible.

When there is a field that you don't understand or don't know what to put in...

Just don't.

I know this is a lame advice but I simply don't know everything and still testing this thing out.

Step #5 Testing 

Ok great. You've set it all up and now the last step is to see if it actually works.

To do so...

Go to events manager and click on test events.

Now go back to all your zaps and finish the last step...

Which is test events.

When the test is successful you will see a screen like that :

Facebook Conversion API Integration Successful

This is it...

I told you it's very simple.

Although...there are some stuff that we didn't cover...

I need to spend more time playing with this thing to make sure it all works as it should.

But I couldn't wait to share this post with all of you.

I will update it when I know more. 

With all of that being said...

Thank you SO much for spending the time here and leave a comment if you wanna talk.

Cheers !

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Nikolay Valkov

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